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June 18, 2016 - Tai Chi for Health and Vitality

Tai Chi is a form of movement, which works with the internal energy of the body to bring about healing, grace and beauty. It develops strength and stamina in the body, promoting physical health and inner peace and calm. Tai Chi also helps to maintain flexibility, balance and groundedness.

Experience a half-day workshop led by Rosaleen Fadden, an experienced Tai Chi and Chi Kung Teacher and Meditation Facilitator.

Venue:            Talbot Hotel, Portlaoise Road, Carlow

Date:               Saturday, June 18th 2016                

Time:             10:00AM – 13:00PM. Registration at 09:30AM

Cost:               €30. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring blanket for meditation.

To Book:        Call or text Rosaleen on 086-0789241 or email


Infinite Chi Kung combines deep breathing exercises and bodywork utilising different postures and movements, to help recapture the universal essence of 'CHI' life force within all of us. These techniques can be taken into your everyday life to reduce stress, promote stamina and overall wellbeing, and to regain a sense of empowerment, vitality and mental tranquility. Regular practice is therefore excellent preventative medicine.


The ancient Chinese art of Tai Chi is becoming increasingly popular in the West as individuals of all ages discover for themselves the physical, emotional and mental benefits of this holistic form of exercise. Scientific research studies have found Tai Chi to be particularly effective for improving physical strength, balance, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness. Significantly reduced levels of stress and anxiety have also been measured in those practicing Tai Chi for as little as 8 weeks.

Some of the many benefits are:

Rejuvenation,  Natural Health, Inner-strength, Grace and Beauty.


The fruits of meditation can only be realised through practice. The practice can bring about great peace and calm in one's life, refreshment to the physical body and strengthen the focus of the mind.

"The wise ones revert their sight and look inward, the light of eternal wisdom dawns in their minds. Thus the wise ones carry the contentment of the inner smile outward to the world"(Tao Te Ching)

The course will focus on:

  • Preparation for Relaxation and Meditation
  • Awareness and Breathing
  • Standing and Walking Meditation
  • Silence, Stillness and the simplicity of Meditation
  • The Inner Smile
  • Establishing a daily meditative practice.



For further information and bookings please contact Rosaleen.